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During my tenure at Coach I was selected to be a part of their new sustainable program called Coach ReLoved. Our idea was to essentially use up all scrap materials and returned hand-bags to breathe life into a new product. We spent so many hours at our New Jersey warehouse playing with different ideas and treasure-hunting for bits and bobs we could use to make each bag unique. After this trial period the collection sold out within minutes and did so well that a new sustainable collection was launched. 

Below is the first round of sustainable solution for left-over materials that were crafted by my experimentations and was sold online

Before the trial period, each team member chosen had to present a casual showcase of sustainable ideas to explore. We could tackle ways of working with less in many different parts of our company. For us designers we focused on the products themselves. In the last slide we came up with a quick mock up of an idea we would like to share. Fortunately enough my technique was used for a staple part of the program, which was using scrap leathers instead of whole leather rolls for whipstitching, panel replacements, handle straps, and even the hang tag. This project was super valuable and I am extremely proud of the steps Coach had decided to take to reduce consumption of materials.

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