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Trend and market research is a foundational component of designing seasonal bags and core products for Coach. Each season, with Merchandiser's brief in mind we take a deep dive into what resonates with the themes. Whether that is silhouette shapes, colors, and decorative aspects called "platforms", we search all-over the internet, social medias, influencer trends, runway, and vintage inspiration. We can then develop a mood-board like presentation to gather our thoughts before we proceed to the ideation. Below is an example of our Spring Platform and Silhouette research that we would present to the director and cross-functional teams. 

Once we narrow down to a specific category (example below: Silhouette research for an "Emotional Crossbody") We put together a compiled board of all the shapes and attitudes we feel can be used as inspiration for our brand. Keep in mind, these compiled boards become very in-depth and as we progress, they get tighter and much more precise to what we feel is right.

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