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Nectar Hard Seltzer

Graphic design


I provide graphic asset support to Nectar Hard Seltzer, creating various content for their social media platforms. This encompasses informative visuals, engaging Nectar-related memes that resonate with the culture and audience, as well as conceptual "fantasy" Nectar products. Check out the instagram here to see more.

Nectar Hard Seltzer is a Korean American hard seltzer brand that has unique asian flavors and absolutely no weird after-taste. 


Assisted in the announcement for the launch of Nectar in various cities across Texas. To highlight the rich Texan culture, we utilized a blend of digital design tools to craft 3D Lego figurines representing the four members, infusing them with a delightful southern twist. This allowed us to showcase our affection for Texas culture and capture the attention of our audience.

I re-imagined a fantasy handbag for the brand to promote their new flavor, Passionfruit Orange Guava. Inspired by my own Ciriaco purse. We altered the colors to match the fruity taste and P.O.G branding as the printed pattern, along with unique details like a cherub keychain and soda tab zip pulls. The handbag was then featured in mock-up images with celebrities.


nectar edition

original bag

I designed a fantasy illustration to promote Sonec, a fun mixed drink that combines Nectar Hard Seltzer and Korean soju. Inspired by the traditional drink called Somaek, this delightful concoction is great choice to share at celebrations such as Lunar New Year.

inspiration image


Coming together as a community during the Maui fires and doing what we can to help was important for us as a company. By creating the Support Maui campaign, Nectar was dedicated in donating 100% of profits for a certain Spirit Box from September through November 2023. I wanted to create tropical-Hawaiian environments using Midjourney + Photoshop Generative AI to capture the feeling of beauty and fantasy in combination with Nectar's world. 

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